We make sweet love to Black Rock City all night long, like it's our wedding night.

Decadent Oasis dresses her up like a lady, a lady with palm trees all over her.

Where to find us in Black Rock City:


In 2019 we’re going to YET AGAIN rock yer socks off. Come find us at Hyacinth & 6:45!

Come bounce to our beats, laugh in our lounge, hula with our hoops and make a new friend or three or more — all in our grove of rustling PALM TREES!

2019 Party Lineup | WARNING: Music May Cause Shaking Booties

We have a badass DJ lineup this year, per ujshz. No rug will be left uncut (we’ll make sure to tape the edges). Please do not repost anything about a DJ lineup on social media, as we aren’t “promoting”, but please DO invite everyone you know to our parties and tell them how RAD they’re gonna be. MORE IS MORE, especially when we’re talking about booties on a dusty dance floor.


Decadent Monday
10pm – 6am

Welcome Home // Brass Tax Invasion

Our pals at Brass Tax are coming over to commandeer the decks and bring magic to your night (and morning if you stick around).



Decadent Wednesday
10pm – 6am

We have a fab assembly of awesome for you to enjoy – our pretty LED trees, our totally not dangerous playground toys and our super comfortable lounge for you to warm your tush in between shaking it on the dance floor.

Decadent Website Rescues Kitten

… and in gratitude, said kitten then updated our website. Apparently, it’s hard to type without opposable thumbs. Lesson learned.

We Are Decadent Oasis

First comes FUN! Second, Looking Good! Safety third!

Decadent Oasis is a community of like-minded people who create a playground on the playa and off. On our playground, you can experiment, take risks, express yourself as exactly who you are, connect, create, contribute, and encourage others — individuals and their communities — in realizing their visions. All while having FUN!!

At DCDNT we strive to lead by example, opening our hearts and minds, supporting each other, coming together in work and play to reach common goals, reaching out to other communities to amplify shared contributions, and helping create a more sustainable environment. We do it all with mutual respect and integrity — and without drama.

We love to dance (to dirty breaks whenever possible), make new friends, and exchange ideas. And also hugs.

When challenges arise, we work as a team to evaluate, discuss, and make decisions that align with our own, and Burning Man’s, core values. We treat each situation and each individual with specific consideration to see solutions through to the end so that everyone wins.

As a way of life, we shun commodification of creativity and of individuals in favor of gifting, radical inclusion, communal effort, and civic responsibility.

At Decadent Oasis: It’s Funner to be FUN!